Money Makes the World Go Around

“Money makes the world go around,” is a catchy little tune from the musical “Cabaret”. But, based on personal observation, its simple message is typically ignored by water professionals. Since 2007, GWP and the EU Water Initiative Finance Working Group (EUWI-FWG) have worked together to organise workshops across the world to raise awareness and build capacity on the critical issue of financing for water and sanitation. We have found that water professionals are often unaware or uncomfortable in getting involved in finance. They prefer to remain in the technical field. However, water lacks funding and unless water professionals become familiar with finance, water will remain underfunded and neglected.

I’m not saying water experts have to be bankers. But they need to be able to negotiate with financiers and appreciate the different sources and range of instruments available to increase the pot of funds. After all, we believe that by investing in water, governments are investing in the economic and social development of their country. Shouldn’t we do all we can to understand the basics of finance?

If so, then download a copy of Financing for Water and Sanitation – A Primer for Practitioners and Students in Developing Countries. It’s just been produced by the EUWI Finance Working Group and published by GWP as a knowledge partner. And don’t get scared, this primer is a non-technical introduction to financing so everyone will understand it!
Alan Hall, GWP Senior Advisor and Chair, EU Water Initiative Finance Working Group


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The Global Water Partnership's vision is for a water secure world. Our mission is to advance governance and management of water resources for sustainable and equitable development.
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